My name is Christine Spring and I am committed to helping women
see themselves from an alternate perspective.

Women are often so tough on themselves! We have a habit of viewing ourselves with eyes of judgement – self-assessing our hair, our wrinkles, our size, our shape – every element critiqued, too often to be deemed lacking, perhaps unworthy, not up to standard, needing to be changed. The reasoning of our ego constantly seeking to influence our perception of self-worth and self-esteem.

My feeling is that images of our faces and fronts reflect the guises and disguises that our ego seeks to project to the world. The make-up we wear, the clothes we put on, the selfies we take – all levers pulled by our ego – as it seeks to control the opinion of others and the view of self.

What if we could step away…. stop the judgement for a minute…. and choose a different perspective? What if we had the courage to view our self with the compassion of our soul? What image would we see? How might it change our perception of self?


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