Christine Spring

I love photography! It has enabled me to embrace my creativity and experience simple joy. It has challenged me – a corporate engineer – questioned my courage, taught me patience, enabled me to truly see, and awoken my sleeping artist. I love that working with my camera takes me to my “happy place”, instills me with calm and confidence, and when I have captured an image of beauty, fills me with a feeling of pure delight!

In 2012, I committed to following my dream to capture a series of images, of women, from around the globe in their chosen sense of place. I conceived of creating images from a female perspective, focused on their inner sense of self – images that would show a woman’s strength, her vulnerability, her courage, her passion and her magic.

Liberating Self

A Soul’s Journey

Throughout my journey, I strived to create images that spoke of spine, self-worth, personality and depth of character. I sought to remove the aspects of ego and self-judgement and enable each woman to focus instead on a perspective of herself that is often ignored: the beauty of her soulful nature, set in a location that she connected with, and at a time of her choice.

It was a project that took me to 4 continents and had me exploring the continual balancing act that we all face between our ego’s fears and our soul’s faith in self. It was an honour to have the women put their faith in me, to trust me with their vulnerability.

The images I captured motivated me to write “Liberating Self – A Soul’s Journey” – a book that shares my personal philosophy on the journey towards liberation and inner peace.

Soul Beauty

To Be Spiritually, Mentally and Physically Free

Today, I am committed to continuing my work with women, to create images of soul beauty and provide a platform for women to challenge their perspective of self and experience a magic moment of liberation – to be spiritually, mentally and physically free.

I photograph women, outside, at one with the Universe. I photograph women in a place that is dear to them and speaks to their heart and soul. I am not interested in their faces or fronts. I don’t care about hair and make-up. I prefer to focus my camera on the spine, to try and capture a soulful image that speaks to spirit, sense of self, and liberation. I seek to capture the beauty of the moment, of a woman who has the courage to challenge her boundaries, and believe in self.

Often the women that I work with will say how liberating they have found the experience, this is the moment of magic and why I choose to do what I do. It is a joy to help a women experience the liberation of a soulful moment, free from ego’s judgement.

My Philosophies



Sometimes you have to challenge yourself, in order to see from a different perspective.



You may feel vulnerable and alone, but trust in self can create a safe space and reveal soul beauty.



When you respect self and your environment, you journey towards inner peace and liberation.



If you give of self with a generosity of spirit, then you receive with abundance, far beyond imagination.