Can you imagine how different life would be if you accepted yourself?

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

Some people project a strong sense of self. It is as if they were born with an iron-rod backbone of self-esteem and self-worth. It is not for them to be bullied into silence. For others, self-acceptance needs to be learnt through the development of self-love. It is what helps us define our boundaries to others; it is what helps us define ourselves. Acceptance of self is not about believing that we are perfect, it is about being realistic and honest to our strengths and our weaknesses.

Acceptance comes when we no longer hold our head in shame, but forgive ourselves for our mistakes and choose to love ourselves despite our differences and imperfections. When we choose to accept self, we choose also to be accountable for our decisions and actions. We no longer seek to blame others for our life, for our situation, or for our experiences.

accept yourself Christine Spring acceptance

Self-Love © Christine Spring

Acceptance is hard. It requires us to embrace honesty, forgiveness, and truth to ourselves, and to others. It takes energy and commitment. It can be draining. If you accept yourself, then you expose yourself to the judgment of others. What if they find you wanting? Unlovable? That is their choice, perhaps also their loss.

accept yourself Christine Spring acceptance

Self-Worth © Christine Spring

Why should we accept someone else’s version of who they think we should be? We all crave love, friendship, and understanding, but surely, it is better to be loved for who we are, rather than for who we project ourselves to be.

accept yourself Christine Spring acceptance

Liberating Self © Christine Spring

If we love and accept ourselves, we will never be without love in our life.

The New Year has arrived – will 2018 by a year of commitment to self? To accept self, love self, believe in self – surely that is how we liberate self? I believe so…. and more than that it has been my experience.  Is this the year for faith and love in self? I hope so. Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2018.

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accept yourself Christine Spring acceptance

True to Self © Christine Spring

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