When your smile is wide,
When your heart is brimming with happiness,
When right here, right now you feel magic and gratitude for life –
That is when you experience total joy!

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

Have you ever experienced total joy, that feeling of innate happiness and delight? Total joy has the ability to render every fibre of your body, mind, heart, and soul blissful and at peace. It lights your face with a beaming smile and shines with passion in your eyes.

Total joy fills you with an extraordinary energy for life and living. Like love, joy is often something that we cannot go looking for. It finds us, often after we release energy, or when we push ourselves to do something we did not think possible. It is a special emotion, to be cherished on arrival, shared when possible, and accepted for its fleeting nature.

Joy does not mean that you have not felt nervousness, frustration, or impatience. It does not mean that you are blind to those around you, or to your environment. It just enables all of these issues to float away into the background – even if just for a while.

Do you know what total joy feels like?

Energy © Christine Spring

Joy is what helps balance out the hardships and mundane aspects of daily life. It is a reward for choosing to live life with passion. As children we experience joy frequently – from blowing out candles to showing off a new drawing, everything has the potential for joy.

Do you know what total joy feels like?

Leap© Christine Spring

As adults, however, we often stop expanding our creative selves, or trying new experiences. We can become lazy. In the face of perceived fear we can create self-imposed limits and boundaries and restrict our expression to the rules of society. We can conform to ‘accepted’ behaviours and tell ourselves of all the things we ‘should not’ do.

Do you know what total joy feels like?

Fly © Christine Spring

Why then are we surprised when our opportunities for joy diminish? Is it really that hard to choose to live? A life without joy – is that what we want for our soul?

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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