Move your body.
Belt out a tune.
Dance like no one is watching!

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

As children, we are so active, in constant motion. We revel in learning what a body is capable of and how it can feel. Yet, so often in adulthood we become lethargic and resentful of expending physical energy.

Have we forgotten how good it can feel? Why are we so loath to embrace simple, physical pleasure? Our bodies are made to move, to run, jump, swim, dance, and make love. The endorphins released when we expend energy in movement are pleasurable and pleasure is good.

When did you last dance until you were breathless?

Do You Yearn To Just Feel Good? Dance like nobody's watching?

Enjoy © Christine Spring

When did you throw your head back and shake the water free from your body? When did you skip along a beach? When did you last climb a grassy knoll to watch the sunset?

Do You Yearn To Just Feel Good? Dance like nobody's watching?

Revel in Nature © Christine Spring

Opportunity for pleasure is everywhere. It is the Sunday afternoon spent luxuriating with a lover in bed. It is having your feet massaged at the end of an endless day. It is the cup of tea warming your hands in the middle of a winter’s chill.

Do You Yearn To Just Feel Good? Dance like nobody's watching?

Embrace Pleasure © Christine Spring

Pleasure is bodily, physical and of the senses. It is something that we deserve to experience every day. It is this experience of daily pleasures, big or small, that adds great joy to life.

Believe! Accept. Breathe.


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True to Self © Christine Spring