Stress, grief, and shock are exhausting.
Daily life can wear you down.
Yet, you have it within your hands
to create the energy needed to navigate life’s journey.

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

My country is in mourning. The company I work with lost a colleague. These have been shocking and extraordinary times. So many friends and colleagues under stress, dealing with grief – trying to figure out a way to cope and create energy.

I wrote the following paragraphs once about a reflection on stamina – I was thinking more about stamina for life. But as I reread it today (looking for stamina in my life) I decided I would share. For those of you suffering – I hope it provides some solace and reminds you that you are not alone. Reach out… hands are offering help.

I hope you chose to read on…

Take care of you © Christine Spring

Take care of you © Christine Spring

“Some days exhaustion hangs lead weights on your arms and legs, grips your head in its vice, and seeks to constrict your throat from all breath. On these days, a mere step requires the energy of a marathon, and nightfall waits at the end of eternity.

Life’s drain on our energy ebbs and flows like the seasons. In times of despair, stress, and hardship, when sunshine in our life is sparse, we must either find the stamina within, or seek extra energy externally. Either way, with time a battery recharge is called for.

Yet, what if escape is not feasible? Limited by funds and time, what if we have to remain on our ‘treadmill’? How do we find stamina? How can we recharge?

Don’t hide away © Christine Spring

Don’t hide away © Christine Spring

The options are different for everyone. For some it is to sit for five minutes, hold the warmth of a cup of tea, and rest the eyes. For others it is to stop constant motion, stand still for a period, and watch the magic of the setting sun. Yet, the best recharge often comes through the arms of love. To rest your head and be held can fill your body and spirit with peace – an energy like no other.

Stay strong – Kia Kaha © Christine Spring

Stay strong – Kia Kaha © Christine Spring

A soulmate, a kindred spirit, a dear friend, family member, or a lover – the arms of love can come in many shapes and forms. Each represents the opportunity for a deep and soulful energy exchange and the easing of exhaustion. Just to know that another cares enough to recognise your state and offer rest, to know that you are not alone, can renew the energy within. A hug does not take much time or cost a lot – it only requires an expression of compassion.”

For those suffering from daily grind, loss, shock or grief I say to you –

Kia Kaha
(stay strong)

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True to Self © Christine Spring