Have you figured out your power mantra?
Do you know what will propel you forward?
What are the 5 Gs that can transform your world?

Are your days filled with ghoulish thoughts – with morbid interest in this COVID disaster? Does all this handwashing make you feel grubby? Are you gloating with success or having to get gritty with reality? Has life become a daily grind, or are you grieving all that has been lost? Where are you at?

Are you stuck in a 5G world that is: ghoulish, grubby, grumpy, grind and grief?

If you are, are you ready to transform your reality? Are you ready to start doing it today?

When in times of struggle I go back to the inspiring Viktor Frankel –

“in ANY given situation we get to choose our attitude, it is the last of the human freedoms”

I get to choose my attitude. I realised my mind had become stuck on ghoulish, grubby, grumpy, grind and grief. It wasn’t helping me. It wasn’t positive for me or those around me. With so much out of my control I reminded myself that I alone get to choose my attitude. I decided to reframe my 5 Gs.

It started with Get Going Goddess!

photograph of 3 people in Paris sitting on a bench under umbrellas

Gratitude © Christine Spring

Gratitude replaced Ghoulish and Grief.

I decided to start and end each day with Gratitude. With my notebook by my bed, each day now starts and ends with my gratitude count. I wake up and write “the ten things I am going to be grateful to do today”, and then just before lights out I note down “the ten things I am grateful I did today”. It helps me focus, because I’m using gratitude to set the patterns and basis of my thoughts, it’s about clearing and calming my mind.

My gratitude list is helping me realise how much I can influence and achieve (aka read control!). It helps me get excited about this unique and magical day of my life. A day that I can never get back and never repeat. It reminds me of the wonder and magic of life and how fortunate I am to be alive and have choice. It’s helping me to breathe more freely.

Then it’s time for coffee and action. It’s a new habit, and it’s energising me. It feels so much better than scrolling negative news stories, or reading about the struggles of celebrities??? Duh!

Grace © Christine Spring

Grace replaced Grubby.

I thought about how some of the tough decisions that are being made in the work environment. Amongst all the hand wringing and hand washing I was feeling grubby. This talk of unseen disease everywhere, it was making me feel unclean. I didn’t like it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like feeling dirty. Just as I think that being disciplined (ok mindful) with my thoughts and words will help with my positivity, I know that I also need to understand and be positive with how I am feeling – it’s about my spirit and spirituality. For me, Grace is “love in action”.

Once I got my head around premising each thought, word and action from a perspective of love, well the frustration slipped away. As soon as I viewed others interaction with me from a perspective of love and the assumption that they were doing their best, to the best of their ability, judgement and anger eased. I felt better. We get to choose the perspective that we adopt. It’s helping me breathe more freely.

Generosity © Christine Spring

Generosity replaced Grind and Grumpy.

It helped reframe what actions I’m taking and how I’m doing them. It enabled me to focus my attitude on service to self and others, rather than disservice. I find that if I can take a step forward with a generosity of spirit, then the action itself is more efficient, effective and rewarding. Generosity of spirit is what motivates me to go above and beyond, it helps propel me forward. It’s helping me breathe more freely.

So, in the midst of reflection I found the 3 G’s I needed to frame my thoughts, words and actions – Gratitude, Grace and Generosity. But what about the other 2 G’s? That’s easy!

I needed impetus, and “Get Going” well that didn’t sound write. Then I realised “Giddy-up” now! Giddy-up, let’s get going, it’s time to move and gallop forward. No more staying stagnant. No more sliding backwards. Giddy-up!

Finally, in the midst of framing my mindset I wanted to be compassionate and loving to self. I wanted to remind myself of the power of self and my energy. I wanted to speak of self-worth, self-love and self-acknowledgment. Goddess – to be greatly admired and to be amazing. I wanted to remind myself daily that I am worthy of admiration and of being amazing simply by how I choose my thoughts, words and actions.

Giddy-up Goddess! Gratitude, Grace & Generosity.

It’s become my powerful daily antidote to COVID blues.

How about you? Have you been able to identify your path to positivity and embracing peace of mind in the face of this challenge?

Breathe. Believe!

© Christine Spring

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Christine x

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