To be fearless requires courage.
To live with courage is to accept the risk of failure.
To risk failure is to take full responsibility for self.
To be responsible for self, is to be free to choose your actions.

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

If we are to embrace freedom, surely, we need to decide if we will also choose our actions from a place of fearlessness? It doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the risks. It doesn’t mean we don’t mitigate those risks where possible. It just means we are prepared to rise to the challenge, and believe, have faith in our truth. It means we embrace the courage to take the actions needed to live true to our values and with integrity.

For centuries, people have challenged the status quo, fought against control, and been relentless in their pursuit of equality and respect. At each stage of the equality evolution, strong, resolute individuals found the courage to speak their truth, were unwavering in their commitment to their beliefs, set aside their own fears, and demanded the right of freedom.

In 1913, Emmeline Pankhurst spoke of ‘Freedom or Death’ and championed for the right to vote. Fifty years later, Betty Friedan focused the inequality debate on family and the workplace. Their individual resilience and bravery helped foster behavioural revolution in the West and led to freedoms that are today our legal right.

Courage © Christine Spring

Courage © Christine Spring

Yet, many people are still subjugated by societal and religious controls, and for them change is measured in infinitesimal steps. Their hope flickers bravely, but can flare in strength when an individual (like Malala Yousafzai) courageously chooses to face death, rather than give up a fight against control.

The fight for equality reinforces our understanding that the evolution of deep change requires many cycles of revolution, each centered on the energy to ‘rally – rejoice – rejuvenate – reflect – and rally again’. In a small measure, this same process of revolution applies when we grapple with the inequality between the voices of our ego and soul and seek to change our own behaviour.

Character © Christine Spring

Character © Christine Spring

When it is our soul that has been abusively downtrodden by our ego, it is time to ‘rally the troops’, pen a personal liberation anthem, commit to the ‘cause’ of change, and to be fearless in the pursuit of equality for our soul. The roar of this revolution is not created by a big number of followers, it needs just one soldier – you.

Fearless © Christine Spring

Fearless © Christine Spring

Once you have voiced in your soul that it is the time for change, you can no longer pretend, or ignore your truth. You may hesitate in your resolve, but it will probably just be a moment’s hesitation as you garner the courage to face your fear. As your soul strengthens, your ego will come to accept that it can no longer keep you down or silence your truth. It will acknowledge your fearless state and that it is your time to fly free from its control.

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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