Is it a ‘want’, a ‘need’, or a ‘must’ activity?

Priority © Christine Spring

What’s driving your choices?
Is it your passion?
Perhaps your purpose?
Or, are you simply responding to a ‘need’ or ‘must’?

The core of being human is our ability to exercise free will and choice. It is this basic human right that the United Nations Human Rights Commission set out to protect and promote with the establishment of ‘The Paris Principles’.

Given that we have this inalienable right to free will and choice, how do we choose to use it?
How do we set our personal standards of morality and how do we decide what actions and choices take priority in our life?
Do we even stop to think and fully comprehend the responsibility that we have to ourselves in the choices that we make?

There are so many demands for our time and energy. How do we decide? Is it family first? Is it money?
As we focus on our individual priority, what and who are we prepared to ride over?
What do we leave by the wayside as we strive to achieve our chosen purpose? Do we even care about living a balanced life?
Do we even know what that is? So many questions.

Path © Christine Spring

That’s the thing about free will – it requires a degree of maturity and self-awareness to sift
through the myriad options and to then make a responsible, conscious choice.
Some people seem to be able to make their choices so clearly and decisively.
It is as if they have an inner compass that negates the need to consider alternate directions and opportunities.

For most of us, however, free will is bound up with a need to juggle demands, responsibilities, and desire.
Yet, when we stop and analyse what is truly important to our soul, to achieve our purpose and passion,
the priorities often become obvious, and a compass heading is set.

a group of people sitting on a bridge in france eating lunch on a warm summer day

Posse © Christine Spring

The beauty of having a purpose and passion is they give clarity to how we choose to invest our time and energy. They give a framework for communicating our choices and decisions. For some, their life purpose is ‘family first’. The choice is clear when there is a need to take a call, have a day off, or refuse an opportunity. For others, their purpose is profession, or wealth-creation. Holidays are forsaken, dinner parties missed, family time sacrificed.

Hopefully, with maturity, achieving balance in health, wealth, heart, home and service to others becomes the driver for defining priorities.
If not, how else can peace and harmony be achieved?

Breathe. Believe.

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