If we don’t reflect, how can we change?
If we don’t change, how can we grow?
If we don’t grow, how can we embrace life?

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

Emotional intelligence reflects our ability to identify, understand, and control both our own and others’ emotional responses. It is a common trait among great leaders, developed through reflection.

When we take time to stop and reflect on a situation (what happened, how you handled it, and what the outcome was), then we are also investing in the growth of our emotional intelligence. If we can learn to manage our emotional responses, we can start to achieve a desired outcome.

It just takes a willingness to stop and reflect.

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Reflection is hard. It requires us to be honest, to accept responsibility for our own behaviour without assigning blame to another. Only through reflection can we begin to see how our actions and behaviours affect others and create the situations we find ourselves in.

Reflection is about learning and growing and building our ability to handle similar situations in the future. While it’s a great skill to have in the business world, it’s an essential skill for our personal life. It is challenging to our egos!

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Some people have an extraordinary habit of continually making the same ‘mistake’ – it’s as if they have not learnt. More likely, they do not possess the emotional maturity to reflect on the actions that continually result in the repeated outcome. To change a situation and stop it from recurring, we need to first change how we choose to behave.

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Like any new behaviour, it takes time and experience to master the art of reflection. It takes a commitment to self-development and a belief that you are worth the effort. If you are not happy with your present and want to create changes for your future, the first step is to reflect on how you came to be where you are today.

It is nearly the end of 2018 …. less than two weeks till the New Year ….. a perfect time for reflection. Has 2018 been all your dreamed of? What would you change? How could you modify your choices and actions to enable 2019 to be your dream year? You alone can create your dream come true!

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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