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Liberating Self

A Soul’s Journey

Challenge yourself and believe! We all hide behind our stories, guises and disguises. We think that these will keep us safe. Let go! Dare to challenge your self-imposed boundaries and let go of your ego’s concerns about other’s perceptions. Believe that you can create the opportunity for the whispers of your soul and the dreams in your heart to speak their truth and be acknowledged. Life can look any way you want if you find the courage to challenge your vulnerability, take action and embrace soul.

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My book Liberating Self – A Soul’s Journey, is about the journey we often take to experience the joy of freedom and to liberate self. From the first stirring and awakening when we hear our soul’s whisper and CONCEIVE that there is an alternate way, to COMPREHEND when we realise we will need to grow our courage and face our fears if we are to live with hope and liberate self. It is a book that shares aspects of that journey around trust, resilience and stamina as we grow our soul strength and COMMIT to facing our fears and slaying our paper tigers! It is a message about balancing wisdom and believing in self as we CONFIRM our self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.

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