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Passion & Paris

A Soul’s Prerogative

Challenge yourself and believe! Courage and commitment are the keys to embracing your passion & purpose! Dare to challenge your self-imposed boundaries. Dare to commit to your heart’s passions and innate purpose.Dare to surround yourself with people who support you, and live in a place that will nurture your commitment to self. Life can look any way you want if you find the courage to challenge your vulnerability, take action and embrace soul.

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My book “Passion & Paris – A Soul’s Prerogative”, is about the journey we often take as we seek to assess our personal passions in life and how they will impact on our life purpose. From the first acknowledgment of our soul’s PASSION and what brings joy to our hearts, to when we seek to comprehend if our heart’s delight can actually also be our PURPOSE in life. It contemplates how important is the PLACE that we chose to live, and how it can affect our courage to face fear and live true to self. It is a book that shares aspects of that journey around the courage it takes to life a unique and bespoke life and how often it is the PEOPLE in our personal and professional community that have such a strong impact on our ability to chose to create and live our dream life. It is a message about challenging and having faith in self in order to create a space of inner peace, premised on our own self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.-love.

I really hope you enjoy my book.

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