Are you listening to your instinctive voice?
Do you pay heed to the desires of your soul?
Or is ego and its fears guiding your choices?
How balanced are you today?

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

We are heading into the end of January – how are those New Year’s resolutions going? Have the desires of your soul stood firm? Have you been able to commit to change?

Remember, within us all live two voices – that of ego and that of soul. For many of us, it is the voice of ego in our heads that seeks to dominate and direct. It speaks of logic, safety, fear, and judgment. It is like a large mountain standing before us, demanding not to be ignored.

The soul, with its quieter voice, emits its message subtly through our feelings and our gut. It is a voice of freedom, truth, and light. It does not yell, but gently nudges. It sits naked, holding its ground despite whatever avalanche the ego is directing towards it. It is the soul that has the courage to face fear and not cower.

Get support © Christine Spring

Beauty and strength occur when a balance is struck between these two internal compasses. We need both voices to offer up their alternate perspectives to help us evaluate our life choices. Only then can we act with complete understanding. When we achieve balance between our ego and soul it allows us in essence to become the CEO of our own life. No longer is the ego able to bully with logic, no more can the soul neglect the practicalities of life.

Believe © Christine Spring

Balance is not easy – a learned experience for many. The pendulum swings its course between the two extremities. If we allow the ego to rule, unchecked, it can take a while for the soul to find the strength to stand up for itself. Perhaps it would be easier to achieve balance if we stopped looking up at the might of the ego. If we closed our eyes and shielded our view from our fears, it would be less scary to speak our soul’s simple truth. This shield from fear can come via the support of friends, growing our knowledge, or simply seeking help – we just need to find the strength to voice our fear and ask for help.

Embrace courage © Christine Spring

Balance comes when we believe truly in our self, our whole self and we want to act for the good of our heart, our soul, and our body. To act only by the soul’s wisdom is to deny the beauty of the ego’s logic. To act only on the ego’s demands is to deny the truth of the soul’s honesty.

Believe in you – you are so worthy.

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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