You get to decide how you will act.
You get to choose if you will be worthy of honour.

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

One of the most inspiring books I have ever read is Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”. In it he writes; “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 

He talks of attitude and choice – even under the worst of circumstances.

But what about the choices we make under the best of circumstances? Many of us are just living our lives. We are going about our daily business – not captive or facing the reality of a holocaust. So what attitude and choices are we making – under these the most benign of circumstances?

Are we thinking about the words we choose to use? Do they convey love or anger?

Are we thinking about the actions we take? Do they speak of respect or disrespect?

If we struggle to use words of love and act with respect in the best and easiest of situations, what can we hope for in times of stress?

Do you live with dignity?  Do your actions reflect self-respect?

The poetry of love © Christine Spring

We get to choose. In any given situation – we get to choose. But I think our ability to make good choices for self, is actually dependent on whether we love self, have faith in self and are connected with the truth that lies in our soul. If our ego is screaming about fear and insecurity if our ego is terrified of what other people will think, our ability to make a wise choice is diminished.  

The day I awoke thinking about dignity, is the day that my life changed for the better. Until that day I had never stopped to reflect on this word and how it applied to me. We often speak about how people hold themselves in difficult situations – we note – “they were so dignified”, “they held themselves with pride”.   

Why should pride and honour be reserved just for our difficult days? What if you chose to live with dignity and self-respect daily? How would it change your decisions and actions? How could it change your life? I know it changed mine. 

Do you live with dignity?  Do your actions reflect self-respect?

Belief © Christine Spring

I made a pact with myself – to premise my words and actions on dignity and self-respect. It has made choice so much easier!  

Before I might have let my ego talk me into something my soul was really not interested in. Before I might have worried a lot about other’s judgement, and not spoken my full truth. Before I might have known I needed to make a major change, but instead stayed stuck because of fear of the future.  

Premising words and actions on soul commitment to dignity and self-respect – well that just gives me confidence and belief that I have the ability to love and care for self. It helps me make wiser choices and guides me to live true to self. 

Do you live with dignity?  Do your actions reflect self-respect?

Faith © Christine Spring

Don’t get me wrong…. choosing to live with dignity and self-respect …. may not be an easy path!  

Sometimes dignity and self-respect will be to say nothing, and to turn and walk away. 

Sometimes dignity and self-respect will be to speak the truth and stay. 

Sometimes dignity and self-respect will be to commit to taking back control of your choices and your voice, and then deciding what action will best serve you.  

Whichever circumstance you face, there will be one truth. You can try and delay acting with dignity and self-respect to a later date – but really how will this help you? Maybe it will just add self-harm to today? 

Whereas, if you choose dignity and self-respect today, and every day, there is a better chance you will be taking care of self and walking your “right” path –head held high. 

Believe! Accept. Breathe. 

Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself?

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Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself?

Thanks for being curious to connect and be inspired.

Christine x

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forgive yourself, forgive yourself, forgive yourself, forgive yourself

Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself?

True to Self © Christine Spring


accept yourself, accept yourself, accept yourself, accept yourself