How can you be at peace unless you find the strength to both
forgive yourself for those you have hurt, and those who have hurt you?


– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

There are times in our life when it seems as if the ‘Devil’ himself is guiding and encouraging our choices and actions. When no matter what our intuition tells us, no matter that we instinctively know the choice will lead to pain for others, as well as ourselves – we cannot stop.

Our choices and actions are guided by desire, passion, lust, loneliness, suffocation, fear, or envy – an ego-driven need for the experience. All balancing aspects of reason, consideration for others, and soulful intuition are either ignored, or silenced. It is as if we can foretell the train wreck, but cannot look away, and are mute to raising a warning within ourselves.

Do you need to forgive yourself?

Apologize © Christine Spring

It is only when the experience has ended, when the ego has retreated, and the ‘fallout’ has negatively affected both ourselves and others that the full impact of our action dawns. From this moment, we have three choices. We can choose to simply not care about any pain we have caused. We can cover our nakedness (our truth) and retreat into a dark space where we submit to self-flagellation. Or we can stand in front of a mirror, look ourselves in the eye, and honestly admit, “I have made a mistake, I have wronged another, I have hurt myself and I need to seek forgiveness for the pain I have caused”.

Do you need to forgive yourself?

Absolution © Christine Spring

The path of forgiveness is not easy, but it is the only way to inner peace and soul growth. It requires an act of courage to stand in front of those you have hurt, and to seek their forgiveness. They are not required to give it, but if they have love and compassion in their hearts, forgiveness will come – albeit with time.

Do you need to forgive yourself?

Peace © Christine Spring

The harder task is to find the love and strength within to seek forgiveness from yourself. Perhaps it is easier to chastise our ‘badness’, but ultimately, this is only self-indulgence, avoidance, and self-imposed suffering. Nothing is gained. No growth can occur. Forgiveness of self requires self-acceptance, and is an act of self-love for both our ego and soul.

Believe! Forgive. Breathe.

Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself?

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Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself?

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Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself?

True to Self © Christine Spring