Do you believe in your purpose?
Do you think it connects you to the meaning of life?
Do you believe that purpose embodies our meaning?

Here’s where my thinking has gone lately – I figured I would share.

For a while now I have been wrestling with this notion of purpose – what’s life all about? What’s the point of it? Why struggle and strive? What will my legacy be? When I die – what’s it all been for?

Yep – I have a habit of diving deep and wondering about the philosophy of life – sometimes I wish I could stop at “what should I have for dinner tonight?”! But that’s not me.

So, with all this COVID change and restriction on my normal habits I’ve had more time to think (ok reflect) and in amongst it all ….. I believe I’ve found my meaning for life.

It might not be yours, but it is mine…. And maybe, just maybe it will resonate with you.

Serve © Christine Spring

I realised that for me the meaning of life can be summarised in three words:


If the meaning of life is first to inspire… what does this mean?

I thought of it as a parent who has a meaning and purpose to inspire their children, to inspire them to want to learn and grow, to inspire them to fulfil their dreams and be all they are capable of being.

It’s also about inspiring others, showing they can achieve, that courage and commitment are real, that hard work can pay off. It can also be about inspiring others to change. Its about never giving up.

To inspire is to give hope and to urge action.

For me, it’s a reminder to carefully choose my behaviour and attitude in any given situation. It encourages me to keep aiming to be the best version of myself.

To inspire, is about the actions and words I choose to take. It’s my HOW.

Create © Christine Spring

The second part of the answer is to “serve”.

How may I serve?
How may I best serve you, my family, my work, my community and for some my country?

To serve is to give of self, it’s about contributing our energy and adding it to the energy of the Universe.

Society awards those who serve. We acknowledge those who are tireless in giving of their time and energy. Because it is in giving that we receive.

I believe that life’s meaning pivots on our ability and willingness to serve others. To serve is about what I am prepared to do for others, without motivation of reward. To serve is about my choice to act with selflessness.

To serve, is to give love. It’s my WHY.

Believe © Christine Spring

The third part is to “create”.

What am I creating with my energy? Is it a family? Is it contribution to my business? Is it a wonderful meal? Art? Sport?

What does my expenditure of energy create?
What new thing does it bring into the world?
To create is about my choice to grow and expand, it’s how I choose to use my time to make the world a better place.

To create, is to contribute to the Universal energy of life. It is my WHAT.

That’s it. My understanding of the meaning of life – INSPIRE, SERVE, CREATE.

It took many long walks, and countless stairs, but this one morning as I walked my mind settled and all the questioning dissolved – inspire, serve and create – a path for peace, a purpose. Which if you want to reframe as WHAT, HOW, WHY,  – would be Create, Inspire, Serve.

How about you? Have you been able define your purpose? Have you found your path to peace?

Breathe. Believe!

© Christine Spring

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Thanks for being curious to connect and be inspired.

Christine x

Passion & Paris © Christine Spring