Do you reflect?
Do you imitate?
Or do you learn the hard way?

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

The development of wisdom has been challenging man for over 2500 years. Confucius’ personal philosophy was that:

“By three methods we may learn wisdom:

  • First by reflection, which is noblest;
  • Second by imitation, which is easiest;
  • And third by experience which is the bitterest.”

Unfortunately, it often seems that the noble and easy routes elude us, and our wisdom is born of pain. There is no shame in this, it just is. Far better to have suffered and grown via pain, than to choose to sit immobilized by sadness and loss.

Reflection © Christine Spring

In life, bad things happen, and we hurt. It does not matter if pain came via our own mistake, the action of another, or circumstance. It is how we choose to respond that will define both our character and the future quality of our life. We have a choice.

Imitation © Christine Spring

There may be a price to pay, a forgiveness to offer, or an acceptance to embrace. We have the freedom to choose our attitude, to develop our wisdom, and to decide if and how we will arise from this experience. At times of challenge, there is much to be gained. It is an opportunity to embrace the soul’s learnings and focus on resilience, hope, and strength.

Experience © Christine Spring

It is also when the soul needs to protect the self from internal danger. When the ego faces pain, it can struggle. Its pride may be damaged, or it may feel fragile and vulnerable. To guard against gossip and judgment, the ego can seek to don a mask of invincibility, and to repel all gestures of concern and care. It may decide to retreat and live a hermit life. We can only hope that our family and friends have the compassion to see behind the mask, and lovingly remind us that we are not invincible, we are mortal, and deserving of kindness.

In the midst of pain, we need to remember that it is not weak to ask for help – it is simply an expression of our soul’s wisdom.

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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