When did you last invest in your soul growth?
Do you think you need to?
What if I asked about reflecting on your patterns?
What will motivate you to want to explore and grow?

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

It is funny, peculiar even, how often good things happen and opportunities arise once you make a shift in your beliefs, choices, and actions. It is almost as if the Universe is now able to shower you with the blessings it had stored away, as it waited for you to grow and mature.

When good tidings bountifully flow, you cannot help but awake with a smile on your face, hungry to experience the day ahead. The urge to stand tall and bask your body in the morning’s glory is strong. The desire to spread your grateful arms across the land is immense. You want to proclaim your readiness for the next challenge, fearless of the future. You want to keep experiencing the wonder of growth, the magic of life. You shine with the light of inner peace and feel happy.

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Stretch © Christine Spring

It’s hard sometimes for others to watch a person who is blossoming. They are sometimes resentful of your perceived ‘windfall’, and feel the need to be biting with their sarcasm, scathing in their bitterness. It is not about you. More often than not, their attitude is merely a reflection of how they are feeling about themselves, and their lack of growth. You may not be able to make them understand; perhaps all you can do is offer compassion.

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Be Free © Christine Spring

The reality is that when you start to experience the rapture of soulful growth, you know in your heart that you are still very much an embryo with a long way to go before you reach full maturity. Yet, that is part of the energy and excitement, because you know that you are merely at the start of an incredible new journey. You know instinctively that the road ahead will not be easy.

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Love You © Christine Spring

You know that there will be times when you will get disorientated, stumble and fall. Yet, this knowledge is counter-balanced by a quiet self-confidence that you will listen wisely to both the voices of your ego and soul, trust in your choices, and seek forgiveness when required.

How far you choose to travel depends entirely on you and the energy you commit to growth. If you tire, you need only ask yourself one question – “Do I want to be all I can be?”

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

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