You get to choose
You can choose to repeat past patterns, or
You can choose to change attitude, behaviour and action.
You choose.

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

It’s that time of year – New Year’s resolutions and all that. But given it takes about a month to change behaviour patterns and recalibrate to a new “norm”, most of us will have abandoned the fleeting New Year’s resolution by 1 February. How sad. It is as if the soul got a moment of reflection at the end of December and within thirty days the ego reinforces its determination to stay stuck in the known and “safety” of old behaviours. Grrrrrrr!

But what if this year we choose to not let ego dominate? What if this year we choose to call on our courage and commit to changing and embracing our resolution? What new path would open for us?

Life is an extraordinary journey. While the stages of life are common to us all, the individual’s evolutionary path is what creates their unique journey. The intrigue and complexity of life is determined by how we evolve: the things we do not choose, the things we would never have wished for. The negative influences on our lives that impact us and set us spinning on a completely different trajectory than the chosen one we happily inhabited.

This is when we have to reach deep within to face fear, find courage, and seek the resilience to let go of old dreams and begin a new path. The miraculous thing is that if we find the courage to work through our grief and start to let go of the past, then we often find life has in store dreams we had never conceived – a new career, a new love, a new destination.

Get lost, find your way © Christine Spring

Admiration abounds for those who have faced adversity, or great tragedy, and found the strength to overcome its impact. The forty-year-old widow left to raise four young children – she cares for their grief and welfare, but wisely chooses to also be considerate of her own wellbeing. The loyal wife abandoned after 33 years has a choice – to be angry and bitter or resolve to focus on her own happiness. Not only will she survive her husband’s desertion, she will thrive. Her choice to live to the fullest is her gift to self.

Stick at it © Christine Spring

Choice is our greatest freedom and a path to evolution. Sometimes what we desire and think will make us happy is not at all what we need in life, and our inability to let go can slow our evolution to a more fulfilling life. We must make a conscious decision to release the past in order to move into the future.

Chase after what you want © Christine Spring

Life does not owe us. There is no requirement for ‘happy ever after.’ Rather life provides us with challenges to face. We ask, “Why me?” and life answers “Why not?” Without these challenges, the soul has no opportunity to grow and develop. It is true that “What does not kill us can only make us stronger” – but only if we so choose!

Be brave – embrace courage – choose to listen to the wisdom of your soul.

Believe! Accept. Breathe.

Liberating Self – A Soul’s Journey, explores the path of liberating self to choose to live our dreams and the wonderment that can occur when the soul’s courage is embraced.

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