Faced with fact, do you hold on to fiction?
When death has occurred, do you refuse to acknowledge?
Do you have the courage to choose acceptance of truth?


Acceptance, it’s the thing we need to practice, when we are told something that we do not want to hear.

Acceptance, the art of being able to let go when we have no ability to control a situation or another’s actions.

Acceptance, the choice that will enable us to have peace within.

Well, it seems to me that now, more than ever, we need to strengthen our ‘acceptance’ muscle. In this time of Corona Crazy, when our old world has disappeared, we need to figure out how to create our new world order.

I truly believe that what has happened with corona virus is akin to ‘sudden death’ of a loved one. There was the old world when we were free to travel globally and mingle, and then there is the new world order of movement and social restrictions. In my head going back to living in the old world is unimaginable…  this new world order will be different. But here’s the thing different is not wrong – it’s just different.

When the love of my life died suddenly, randomly, I had to learn how to create a new life in a new world. But first, I had to reach a point of acceptance so that I could breathe and find the courage to create my new life – different, not the one I would have chosen – but the best life for me today.


Accept © Christine Spring


I had always struggled with acceptance. The whole letting go thing I had found difficult.

I had to face these things.

I thought I had, but actually I thought wrong for a long time.

What I actually did was put on a mask of acceptance, something palatable for others to see, something that allowed me to fool myself. I was doing ok from the outside, moving on, embracing life, but on the inside…. Not so much.


Yet, I didn’t realise, until sometime later, that by choosing not to truly let go and not to accept, I was able to hold on to my victim status. It enabled me to have a reason as to why my life wasn’t as I had hoped. It helped me explain my solitude. It was my panacea for sadness.


If I don’t let go, I don’t have to accept.

I can carry my pain as a badge of honour. My talisman.

I can fight through my dark stormy days and nights without peace.

It’s exhausting, but I can survive.

Poor me, I suffered tragedy.


Opportunity © Christine Spring


I lived like that for many years.

Well done me. Fooling others, deluding myself.

Until the day a friend yelled at me and asked, “why are you being such a victim?”

I was furious. Totally angry. “I am NOT a victim” I screamed.

Until I realised, she was right. She assaulted my psyche and shook me out of my trance.


She made me finally choose to be honest with myself.


I get to choose. The thought had not crossed my mind.

I get to choose, victim or warrior?

I get to choose to let go of my grief and sadness.

I get to choose to let go of old dreams and create new ones.

I get to choose to be grateful for the love I had experienced and open myself to new love.

I get to choose to accept what is.

I get to choose to live in peace.


Fireworks on top of the eiffel tower in paris

Believe © Christine Spring


Which brings me to today and how I am going to choose to confront the impact of Covid-19.


I’m choosing to believe that the world has changed.

I’m choosing to believe that there is a new world order and that I need to figure out how I can live and thrive in it.

I am absolutely choosing to approach it as a warrior. I am done with delusion and being a victim. I know that just delays acceptance, and stops you creating your best life.

I am choosing to grieve first.

I am choosing to create new dreams for my life. New dreams that are different, not wrong. New dreams that will enable me to live my best possible life.

I am choosing to accept that life will be different and need different skills and patience.

I am choosing to continue to live with peace.


I am choosing that my life will continue to be premised on love and community.

I am excited to see what new opportunities this new world will bring me.


Let go. Accept.

For me, it is the only choice for peace in my heart.


How is it for you?

Believe! Breathe.


© Christine Spring

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