Do you rely on others for your strength?
Or, have you developed your own resilience?
How do you cope with life’s roller coaster?

– “Challenge yourself, and believe!” –

Life is not designed to be ‘easy’. It challenges us with disappointments, loss, and barriers. Sometimes, the experience of these challenges leaves us fragile and surrounded by the skeletons of our pain and disillusionment. In many respects, each challenge tests our resolve and resilience.

It is hard when we truly understand that despite a loving family and friends, we are each uniquely alone – and that we cannot rely on someone else to be resilient for us. Others can stand beside us to lend a helping hand, provide a shoulder to rest upon, and to listen to our sorrows, but it is our own unique self that needs to develop resilience
to overcome life’s sorrows and disappointments, to develop the energy within to lift ourselves up and to carry forward with our journey.

Fragile © Christine Spring

The fragility of self is a daunting thing to experience, especially in the darkest hour of the night when the ego, the body, the whole self, howls its pain and sadness. This expression of agony can often leave us at our most fragile and alone – spent.

Alone© Christine Spring

There are so many clichés about when and how we find a drop of strength to wipe away our tears. Each speaks of finally reaching the point of no return; when you’ve fallen so far that, the only way to go is up. How after the darkest hour of the night there is the dawn and the start of a new day. Clichés are cliché for a reason; they echo the voice of experience.

Truth © Christine Spring

When we have allowed our ego the expression of its agony, its disappointment and its sadness, we reach a point of choice. Either our spirit can be so crushed that it has no desire to turn away from despair and we remain in a state of deep depression, or there is a voice deep in our soul that gently encourages us to awaken, strengthen, stretch and embrace life. Resilience is our soul’s strength, born from the experience of pain that allows us to overcome adversity.

Believe! Breathe.

Liberating Self – A Soul’s Journey, explores the path of liberating self to choose to live our dreams and the wonderment that can occur when the soul’s courage is embraced.

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True to Self © Christine Spring